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Two Percent for People Empowerment

We reinvest two percent of every purchase to provide interview preparation scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interview Destiny?

Interview Destiny provides interview questions and interview preparation to get a job offer.

Job seekers use Interview Destiny to access meaningful interview tips, interview coaching guides, over 450 interactive interview questions, over 100 interactive questions to ask in an interview, audio and video mock interviews, and automated interview follow up. Job seekers use our suite of interview preparation tools to develop interview skills to prepare impressive job-specific interview answers that help ace the interview.

What is Compassionate Pricing?
Compassionate Pricing is the process of intentionally setting a commercial retail price below market rates so that the product is available to any socioeconomic group.

Interview Destiny believes every person with the desire, passion, work ethic, and persistence to achieve their goals should have the same access to tools to do so.

Interview Destiny is opposed to the creation of manufactured financial barriers. An example of a manufactured financial barrier is charging unemployed job seekers hundreds (to thousands) of dollars for interview preparation. Excessive prices create an unlevel playing field where one must be financially privileged to access meaningful interview preparation to get a job.

We put people before profit and work to level the “interview playing field” by intentionally setting Compassionate Pricing.

Who should use Interview Destiny?

Interview Destiny is a great resource for any job seeker, in any industry, that wants to:

  • Learn how-to impressively answer interview questions like “Tell me about yourself”,
  • Practice answering interview questions,
  • Learn what types of interview questions may be asked,
  • Learn what is going through the mind of an interviewer, and
  • How-to proactively guide an interview to positively answer tricky interview questions.
How do I use Interview Destiny to learn questions to ask in an interview?

A successful interview concludes with the interviewee asking the interviewer questions.

What is important in a new job will vary based on individual preferences, work experiences, and stage in life. This is why Interview Destiny provides over 100 questions to ask in an interview that span 13 categories:

Use Interview Destiny to learn questions to ask in an interview, practice, record, and perfect your question(s) to the interviewer.

Set yourself with confident, meaningful, and smart questions.

Can I make a purchase with PayPal without a PayPal account?
Yes, you can purchase a subscription using PayPal without having a PayPal account. When given the option simply click the gray checkout button on PayPal that typically says ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’.
Do you give back?

Yes, Interview Destiny gives back.

In addition to providing every job seeker Ωompassionate Pricing Interview Destiny partners with community groups and nonprofits to provide scholarships that grant the free use of our interview preparation solutions.

We reinvest two percent of every purchase to create interview preparation scholarships. Scholarships are provided through partners to persons:

• Who were formerly incarcerated or in the prison system and preparing for re-entry,

• Who are housing insecure,

• Who have a disability, and/or

• Who identify as an under resourced Latino/ Latina/ Latinx or Indigenous American.

Do you offer refunds?

No, Interview Destiny does not offer refunds for the following four reasons:

1.) Instant value
The interview questions included on Interview Destiny have been personally used by our team to hire job applicants. Once you access our Interview Questions you instantly receive value by interacting with over 450 personally developed, researched, and/or aggregated job interview questions.

Requesting a refund for Interview Destiny’s interview preparation solutions would be like ordering a sandwich, drink, and chips, eating the sandwich and then trying to return the drink and chips for a refund because you “didn’t like” the sandwich.

2.) We offer free interview preparation tools, including: interactive interview questions, an interactive interview preparation checklist, interview answer templates, and more.
To ensure every job seeker has access to meaningful interview preparation tools we choose not charge for everything we offer. This helps to level the playing field and ensure there are no financial barriers to interview preparation.

3.) We are compassionately priced and put people before profit
We are intentionally compassionately priced. Compassionate pricing is the process of purposely setting a product’s price below market rates. We choose to be below the market rate because we are opposed to the creation of financial barriers that block people from accessing tools that level the playing field and help them level up. Every person with the desire, passion, work ethic, and persistence to achieve their goals should have the same access to tools to do so. We put people before profit and are intentionally compassionately priced.

4.) We giveback
We reinvest two percent of every purchase to create Interview Destiny scholarships. Our interview preparation scholarships are provided to job seekers that were formerly incarcerated, currently incarcerated and preparing for re-entry, that are developmentally delayed or have a disability, housing insecure, and/ or identify as an under resourced Latino/ Latina/ Latinx or Indigenous-American.

If you do not support compassionate pricing, agree to Interview Destiny’s Terms of Service, and agree to our no refund policy (detailed in our Terms of Service) please do not purchase a subscription. No refund will provided. Any dispute that may arise will be handled in accordance to our Terms of Service.


Are you accessible to all learning styles?

Interview Destiny is intentionally design to help people:

  • From different industries,
  • With different backgrounds, and
  • With different learning styles,

Develop interview skills and get the job offer.

To help everyone succeed we have an audio option.

To activate audio highlight words on the page and click the play button. The words you highlighted will be read aloud.

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